Regina Dental Implants

Implants ReginaNo matter what problems and challenges you have in life, never lose the strength to move forward and smile. Our Regina dentists believe that everyone carries that “deadly smile” that will knock down negative vibes. With our dental care team, we offer you our full range of services that will solve those issues that hinder anyone from smiling. One of the services that we are proud to offer is Dental Implants.

Replacing Your Missing Tooth With Dental Implants

Before, dentures and false teeth can still be an option to replace the missing teeth. Now, missing teeth can be permanently replaced with dental implants. These are made from titanium and have a porcelain crown that is attached to it. With these implants, it can be safe to say that you have found the one that will give you that perfect smile.Dental Implants Regina

Dental Implants have the following benefits:

  •   Durability – Dental implants are durable than crowns and bridges – making it lasts for a lifetime. Regular brushing and flossing are highly recommended.
  •   Convenience – Unlike other dental, implants are doesn’t need to be refitted or need to be replaced when eating or cleaning.
  •   Appearance – losing teeth causes bone loss, making you look older than your actual age. It can also cause the surrounding teeth to move to try filling the gap of the lost tooth. But having dental implants, bone loss, and premature aging will never happen. The implant will help keep your healthy and beautiful smile – they feel and looks exactly just like the real ones! Isn’t that amazing?  

If you set aside its aesthetic value, dental implants are more than just a replacement to the missing teeth. It is because it helps restore the patient’s essential oral functions.

Good thing we already have dental implants that will help solve these struggles. It isn’t just done as a temporary solution, but it is for a restoration that stays for a lifetime.

Consult Our Regina Dentists for Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are, no doubt, your best option. Our Regina dentists make sure that we will not just work on replacing that missing part – we will also restore the oral functions. To make sure that it will be a dental restoration success, we advise you, our dear client, to discuss it first with our dentist in Regina. Well, our dentists need to examine your gums, jawbone, as well as your teeth to check for its bond density. This examination will ensure that you are good to go for the procedure.

Dental Implants in ReginaIn some cases, a dentist may require a patient to undergo another procedure before the dental implants are attached. If our dentist has found out that you have low bone density, a minimally invasive bone graft procedure may be required and done. The low in bone density may have been the result of disease, infections, or extensive trauma.  This procedure will help restore the jawbone’s health, providing better support for the dental implants. A healthy and stronger jawbone is the key to have dental implants to lasts for a lifetime.

If you want to know whether a dental implant will be a good option for you, don’t be shy and contact us by sending us an email or call us directly.

We, at our Regina dental clinic care for your dental health as much as we care about you.