Regina Invisalign

Regina Invisalign Dentistry Near MeWhen it is about having crooked teeth, everyone looks into dental braces to straighten and correct them. With that dental procedure, it is common to see wires and brackets attached to the teeth. Well, that procedure is highly recommended. But who would have thought that there is a new version that doesn’t need wires and brackets? This is the Invisalign.

Knowing More About Invisalignin

Invisalign is a removable, clear aligner tray that is a new alternative from the traditional dental braces.  It is virtually undetectable – it is transparent that even the person whom you are talking will not notice you are wearing them. Instead of attaching it onto your teeth, these aligner trays are worn regularly. This will help the teeth to move slowly into alignment. As it is removable, you can easily take it off when you need to brush your teeth or when eating.  So, you have more chances to clean your teeth through brushing it, thoroughly.

The total number of Invisalign or aligners that are prescribed per patient varies on both the complexity and the desired outcomes. These should be worn for 22 hours per day, from three to 12 months. The patient should switch to a new one after one to two weeks. Even if it is removable, your Regina dentists should still be the one to replace the old with the new ones.Invisalign Regina

How would you know if you are a good candidate for an Invisalign treatment?

The following are the different bite and dental issues:

  •   Cross Bite
  •   Open Bite
  •   Crowded Teeth
  •   Gap Teeth
  •   Under Bite
  •   Over Bite

If the patient has any of the above mentioned dental and bite issues, Invisalign is the most highly recommended dental treatment.

Start Your Dental Care Journey with Us

Our Regina dentists are happy to provide you with the finest line of dental care services that includes Invisalign. This system is a combined power of orthodontics and advanced three-dimensional computer graphics technology.  Still, with the use of advanced technology, patients can already evaluate the progress that they will be achieving with Invisalign. Once the patient confirms to have this treatment, aligners will now be ordered.

It is not ready-made, so before a patient can wear it, it is precisely measured first to make sure its fits and covers teeth. Once the measurement is done, it is time to have the aligner created.

Regina Dentistry InvisalignFor this dental treatment, our clinic uses advanced 3D imaging technology to translate and analyze the treatment instruction suitable to the patient. By then, it will then help guide the calibration of the aligners. Usually, 12 to 48 pieces are made. It is just reasonable to produce these couple of sets since it needed to be replaced after a week or two until the alignment prescribed is finally attained.

Your dentist will ensure that every aligner made will perfectly fit and is comfortable to wear. Photos and impressions will be made first before aligners are ordered and produced. Our Regina dentist makes sure that the treatment that you will be getting is suitable to your overall dental health.

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