Regina Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry In ReginaWhen we were little, we were always advised by our parents to refrain from eating sweets and to brush our teeth regularly, three times a day, to be exact. If we don’t do well in taking care of our teeth, we all know that we will end up in a dental clinic – having the damaged tooth removed.

It is true at some point, but it is also the reason why children are having wrong impressions about dental clinics. While some of us may have outgrown that fear in visiting clinics, there are still some of us who are still afraid of it. It might be embarrassing, but it is really hard just to let go of that wrong impression.   But no worries, you are just one of those people who are still having anxiety whenever it is about visiting the dental clinic in Regina.

Good thing that there is already a procedure developed in the field of dental medicine. This will solve anxiety among people when it comes to dental treatment.

Our Regina dentists offer one of our stress-free and pain-free dental procedures. That is the sedation dentistry.

Knowing More About Sedation Dentistry in Regina

Sedation dentistry refers to a dental procedure that involves administering sedative drugs before a dental procedure is made. This ensures that the patient will be having a quick as well as a pain-free dental procedure. The sedation method may vary from having the patient awake at the same time calm to being entirely unconscious because of general anesthesia.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Here are the following types under sedation dentistry techniques:

  •   Oral sedation – this is the type where an oral sedative pill is used to reduce the anxiety on the patient. It is also highly used when it only calls for a shorter dental procedure is made.
  •   Nitrous Oxide – with this type, a facemask is used and connected to the regulated tank with this nitrous oxide. Also, popularly known as laughing gas, this type will keep the patient relaxed at the same time co-operative during the entire dental procedure. This is recommended to be used for patients that have mild to moderate type of anxiety. The sedation effect wears off quickly so the patient can immediately resume with his work and daily activities.Regina Sedation Dentistry
  •   Intravenous Sedation – or also called IV Sedation, this type is recommended to patients that have high levels of anxiety. It isn’t just any other ordinary type of sedation method as it would require the dentist’s and dental staff’s licensing.  When the sedation takes effect, the patient will be completely unconscious. That is why this type is used during large dental procedures that needed to be completed in the given time frame.

Don’t let anxiety or fear to stop you from getting the necessary dental procedure.  There are already ways that will help you get through the procedure without having delays because of your anxiety.

Regina Sedation Dentistry Near MeOur dentists in Regina understand you well with your feelings and doubts about visiting a dental clinic. Don’t be afraid; all of our dentists are friendly and are highly qualified to give you the best dental care services.  You can always talk with us about what you are feeling right now and about dental health.